Try the Best Free Cloud Storage [Up to 200 GB Free Storage]


Try the Best Free Cloud Storage [Up to 200 GB Free Storage] : Cloud Computing is a revolution in the IT world that has changed the meaning of IT resources for businesses. In simple terms, cloud computing is related to the delivery of cloud computing services – storage, compute, networking, database, and more, over the internet. Cloud storage is what we have adopted intentionally or unintentionally; there is a buzz all around about the free cloud storage solutions.

Cloud storage has nowadays become a prized possession for very small and large business groups. The businesses try not to rely on hardware that is costly and thereby want to switch their data to the best free cloud storage available. But there are many businesses that have very little knowledge of cloud storage and hence are surrounded by the blind beliefs of the traditional storage devices.

To benefit such businesses, we have compiled this blog to help them understand what is cloud storage and what are the best cloud storage options available for their businesses. Let’s get started!

What is Cloud Storage?

The traditional methods of storing data such as hard drives and pen drives or any other storage device have a lot of advantages associated. But once the storage device gets corrupted all the data stored gets lost. Hence the use of cloud storage acts as a replica of the traditional storage devices where the users can store their data and keep their backup files on hardware and USB flash drives.

The IT sectors are always stressed out when it’s time for them to switch over to new software or technologies as this makes them hire more employees, but with the best free cloud storage available, the investment of the IT sectors has reduced comparatively. The best free cloud storage club members have introduced many free plans for businesses to ease their search for free storage.

List of Top Free Cloud Storage :

There are a number of free cloud storage options available these days. These cloud storage are easy to use and provide free storage space up to 200 GB. These storage solutions can be used for personal as well as business storage. All you need is get some basic knowledge about these free cloud storage and choose the most suitable one. Here we bring the list of the best free cloud storage, let’s dive deep to know more about these cloud storage solutions.

1. Blomp

More often than not, the low storage warning on your mobile phones or the local disk running out of storage on your PC or Mac is very frustrating. However, you don’t have to worry anymore about storage space as Blomp brings free cloud storage and backup. Blomp offers free cloud storage for your images, videos, and multiple files up to the capacity of 200GB.

Try the Best Free Cloud Storage [Up to 200 GB Free Storage]

2. Degoo

Your search for reliable cloud storage providers with free service packages could also lead you to Degoo. The 100GB of free storage in Degoo is one of its foremost highlights. However, this is not the only positive aspect of Degoo. It serves as a reliable cloud backup service. The mobile app of Degoo is easily accessible on Android and iOS devices.

degoo logo » Darzl

Most important of all, you can improve the free storage capacity through referrals and avail mobile app support with free storage. The paid plans of Degoo begin with the $3 monthly charge for 500GB storage space.

3. Mega

The Mega cloud storage is a great storage space that is much similar to the dropbox storage but the difference between the two is the amount of the space that both the cloud storage provides. 50 GB of free space is available for the Mega cloud storage users. Mega cloud storage helps users to download multiple files in the zip file and uploading files through the mobile app is also possible.

mega logo 300x300 1 » Darzl

The unbeatable storage of 50GB has made it among one of the popular free cloud storage available and has attracted a large number of users towards Mega cloud storage. The users who are searching for an excellent backup file option should definitely sign up Mega cloud storage as it only provides the best storage but also with the many security features.

4. Media Fire

Media Fire is easy to use and one of the best free cloud storage used for storing documents and photos online. The initial free storage that media fire provides is 10 GB but their incredible feature is that the free storage can be increased up to 50 GB. This cloud storage has many features that have made the handling of files easier.

mediafire logo » Darzl

Media fire has made possible uploading multiple files at once from any browser which is a unique feature and makes it different from the others. Organizing files in the file manager of Media Fire have become easier. Searching for something that gives a perfect personal document features? The Media Fire is here to ease your search as it helps the users in sending documents with a specialized and free one time link which enables the recipients to share it further.

5. Yandex Disk

Another notable mention among trustworthy, free cloud storage solution providers is Yandex Disk. Users can ensure activation of auto-upload functionality on their phones to facilitate the storage of all photos on Yandex Disk in the original resolution. The best highlight about Yandex Disk is the support for Windows and macOS operating systems.

You can transfer all files to Yandex Disk for accessing and editing them just like you would have on a hard drive. Yandex Disk also enables users to make the most of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on their browsers without installing them. The most credible benefit of Yandex Disk is evident in the facility of sharing files.

yandesk logo 1 » Darzl

You get 10 GB free cloud storage as soon as you sign up for the Yandex. However, you can even get an additional 32GB storage by participating in their promotional activities. You can send short links as well as files ranging in size up to 50GB. Recipients can view, download, and save the files on their Yandex Disk installation.

6. Google Drive

As we know all online storage works the same way i.e. we use a file, store on the web, and sync it in our computers. But there are many standing features of Google Drive that make it special among all the other cloud storage because it lets the users store their personal stuff in a personal way and moreover the Google free cloud storage provides with excellent free storage of 15GB and is one of the best cloud storage.

Google Drive logo 300x300 1 » Darzl

The Google Drive offline services help its users to view all the files and photos that are saved online even when they have bad network service. Scanning documents have now become much easier by just taking a snap of the document and the rest is done by the drive like storing them in PDF form. Google free cloud storage is considered the best which is integrated with all other Google services.

7. Icedrive

Icedrive is one of the next-generation alternatives among the best free cloud services for effortless access, management, and updating of cloud storage. Users can access a dedicated space for sharing, showcasing, and collaborating with your files. The most prominent highlight of Icedrive as a cloud storage provider is the support for Twofish Encryption.

icedrive logo 1 300x300 1 » Darzl

Just by signing up, you can get 10 GB free cloud storage. It also delivers a cleaner, and easier user interface for file management. You can also gain the benefits of highly responsive synchronization of your files with a simple click. Most important of all, Icedrive also supports the streaming of media from your cloud storage and share with friends.

8. Koofr

Among the many all-round best free cloud storage available presently, Koofr provides credible 10 GB free cloud storage enabling connection of Dropbox, OneDrive, and Amazon and Google Drive accounts. Koofr is unique in utilizing the free space available on a hard drive.

koofr logo 1 » Darzl

It is easily compatible with android, iOS, macOS, and Windows, thereby providing exceptional flexibility. The other notable features of Koofr directly indicate towards providing automatic backup from phones and no restrictions on type or size of the file. Furthermore, users can also avail an automatic backup of photos and videos from their mobile phones with Koofr.

9. Mimedia

Mimedia is one of the promising additions among the best free cloud storage providers in the present market. You get 10 GB free cloud storage when you sign up yourself with the Mimeda. It basically serves as a cloud-based backup service that helps you curate and manage your personalized file collection.

mimedia logo » Darzl

Users can access and organize images, music, videos, and document files on all devices. The striking highlight of Mimedia is the support for importing from Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Flickr. The desktop app of Mimedia is easily supported with PC and Mac alongside providing support for uploading any type of content to the cloud.


This is also one of the other best free cloud storage available. provides free storage of about 5GB. It has become quite easy to back up files with only when the users have used something better than the sync folder because exploring the web panel which offers incredible features is productive. The best feature of the is the restoring of deleted files and thereby stops users from regretting mysteriously lost important documents.

sync logo 681x169 1 » Darzl

Get free space feature is the most excellent feature that offers. If a user wants to get a bit more space for files and photos what is to be done is tell a friend about Sync and the number of friends signs up for sync gets a free gigabyte along with the user who recommends it to others. The Sync Vault is a feature which helps the users to save files and documents in a special storage space known as Vault which is different from the Sync folder and all that is required to be done just select a file and choose the option of Copy to Vault and your important data gets a backup.

11. Dropbox

This is one of the powerful and latest free cloud storage compared to all other cloud storage because of its great back up features. Any type of small and large PowerPoint presentations, photos, videos, or maybe even other large CAD files can be safely kept in the Dropbox. Dropbox provides the users with easy sync features that help to access the files and documents to the Dropbox from any device.

dropbox logo 1 640x142 1 » Darzl

Dropbox free storage provides users with many features that are extremely helpful. One of the helpful features is that a user can protect all the files and documents in a lost device by clearing the documents from the device with the remote wipe feature that it provides. Dropbox free storage offers a good storage space (2GB) that is free but in case of users are in need of more space, there are many plans that can help them to get the desired storage of their choice.


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