The Landscapers Podcast Episode 1: The Weird


The Landscapers Podcast Episode 1: The Weird. A vintage “can’t get you out of my head” true crime story has to be weird. You need the oddity to capture attention, of course, but also that strangeness is what makes it feel safe.

It’s the permission we need to plunge into those waters, without realizing we’ll get walloped by some emotional waves later.

With the Edwards’s case, as with all good true crime, we are hooked on the story before even realising how much depth there is to it.

In the first episode of the Landscapers Podcast we look at the plethora of strange things that stand out in the case and that drew people into the Edwards saga.

A backyard burial, some unusual correspondence between the suspects and the police and an obsession with old film memorabilia is just the beginning.

Caroline Crampton is joined by Ed Sinclair, creator of Landscapers and we hear from script executive Jess Hill and Rob Griffin who led the original investigation for Nottinghamshire police.


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