Personal fitness Trainer’s in your pocket, Check out there instagram account


Personal fitness Trainer’s in your pocket : Summertime shouldn’t stress us out, it should be exciting! Summertime means festivals, rooftops, the beach, endless rosé, new romances, and so much more.

Even if working out isn’t your thing (which is totally fine), these accounts will still help you be more confident in your skin, eat a little more consciously, and live a happy, healthy lifestyle. 

Check out some of the fitness trainer instagram account below :

Melissa Wood

Melissa is one of my favorite health influencers to follow! I recently started doing her at-home workout videos, which you can purchase off her site, and they’re super effective with little to no equipment needed.

Her workouts are pilates- and yoga-focused with the goal of stretching and toning the body. This mother of two preaches that the key to an overall healthy lifestyle stems from a healthy mind and balanced life.

Melissa Alcantara

If she looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen her on Kim Kardashian’s Instagram as her go-to trainer. This girl is literally a boss! If you don’t believe me, just take a look at her abs. Melissa openly shares about the hard journey it took to get where she is at now.

She didn’t always have a healthy lifestyle, but is now committed to bodybuilding workouts. She continuously strives to motivate her followers and share all her favorite heavy-weight workouts.


This is another one of my favorite workout accounts to follow. The Dogpound is a NYC-based gym that focuses on customized, innovative fitness routines with personal trainers.

They are always posting new videos of their clients doing intense workouts and you can get new ideas to switch up your usual gym routine. They have a pretty exclusive clientele list mainly including models, actors, and professional athletes. It’s so motivating coming to their page!

Since most of us aren’t Victoria Secret models and can’t afford to drop a small fortune on training every week, head over their page to get tons of new inspiration for workouts to try on your own. Most of them can be done at any gym!


As a writer, yoga teacher, and body positivity advocate, Jessamyn is breaking down stereotypes when it comes to fitness. Being healthy no longer takes one form and Jessamyn is here to share that healthy comes in all shapes and sizes.

She aims to teach people to focus on how they feel and celebrate everyone’s individual bodies when practicing yoga. She is also a big prominent of using high energy yoga to break down mental and emotional barriers.  


Hbfit by Hannah Bronfman is all about health, beauty, and fitness. If you don’t already follow her main account, you should do that too! She’s one of those cool IG girls that can literally do it all.

Her fitness account is used to share all of her favorite motivational quotes, healthy foods, workout videos, beauty treatments, and lifestyle tips. She’ll get you motivated to want to live your all-around best life!


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