Meme Coin Markets Gain Close to 5% in 24 Hours, DOGE Value Jumps, 3 Meme Tokens See Triple Digit Gains


After the electric car company, Tesla announced the firm would be accepting dogecoin (DOGE) payments, the meme crypto spiked in value almost immediately. At the time of writing, metrics show that DOGE has gained 20.3% over the last week. Data shows DOGE has seen a 24-hour price range of around $0.182 to $0.192 per unit on January 15. DOGE has an overall market valuation of around $24.8 billion and that represents 1.13% of the $2.20 trillion crypto economy.

The second-largest meme crypto token shiba inu (SHIB) has not had a great week, compared to DOGE. Despite this, seven-day metrics show SHIB has gained 7.3% against the U.S. dollar. SHIB’s market valuation is just over $17 billion on Saturday, with $614 million in global trade volume. DOGE on the other hand has $1.9 billion in 24-hour trades at the time of writing. SHIB has seen a 24-hour price range of around $0.00003064 to $0.00003155 per coin.

14 Meme Tokens Outshined Dogecoin’s Weekly Gains

While DOGE saw a big push this week, in terms of seven-day gains, numerous other meme tokens saw much larger gains than the doge father of meme coins. For instance, some coins like spookyshiba (SPOOKYSHIBA) have seen triple-digit gains. The meme asset spookyshiba has jumped 226.2% this past week. Kuma inu (KUMA) has spiked 112.9% and shiba fantom (SHIBA) increased 109% over the last seven days.

Other notable meme coin gainers this week include solabrador (SOLAB) which jumped 70.8%, kitty coin solana (KITTY) swelled by 59.9%, and dogebonk’s (DOBO) value grew by 53% in seven days. Baby doge coin (BABYDOGE) is up by 42.7%, cat token (CAT) lifted by 38.7%, and floki pup (FLOKIPUP) saw a 38.2% weekly gain. Five other meme coin crypto assets still had better gains than DOGE, even with Tesla’s recent acceptance announcement.


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