How to Resume Interrupted Download : Chrome Downloads Stop/Stuck?


If you meet problems when downloading files in Google Chrome, you can find some solutions in this tutorial. This post gives some possible fixes for Google Chrome not downloading files, Chrome downloads stop or stuck in the middle like at 99 or 100 percent, and how to resume an interrupted download in Chrome.

Part 1. How to Fix Google Chrome Not Downloading Files or Stop/Stuck Issue

If you try to download apps, extensions or other files on Chrome, but you meet an error and can’t download from Chrome, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Fix 1. Check the internet connection

If your internet connection is unstable, slow or off while downloading files in Chrome, the Chrome downloading process may be stopped or stuck.

If you have a limited bandwidth, the Google Chrome downloads may be also interrupted or stuck in the middle.

You can make sure your internet connection is good and stable or change to a good internet, restart route and modern, and try to download the file later.

Fix 2. Find solutions from Google Chrome help page

Google has an official help page related to Chrome download errors. It rounds up some common Google download errors and offers solutions for each error message. You can visit the official Chrome help page to find solutions: Fix file download errors.

Fix 3. Clear cache, reset or reinstall Chrome

You can also try to clear Chrome cache, reset or reinstall Google Chrome to see if it can fix the Google Chrome file downloading stops, stuck or interrupted issue.

To clear Chrome cache, you can open Chrome, click the three-dot icon and click More tools -> Clear browsing data. Choose a time rage and check the content, click Clear data button.

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To reset Chrome, you can click the three-dot icon -> Settings. Scroll down to click Advanced. Click “Restore settings to their original defaults” and click Reset settings button in the pop-up window.

To reinstall Chrome, you can press Windows + I to open Windows settings, click Apps -> Apps & features, find and click Google Chrome program, and click Uninstall button to uninstall Chrome. Then you can download and install Chrome again.

Fix 4. Temporarily disable antivirus or firewall

Sometimes the third-party antivirus or firewall may cause Chrome not downloading files, Chrome downloads stop, stuck or interrupted issue. You can temporarily turn off the antivirus or firewall and try to download again.

Fix 5. Disable Hardware Acceleration option

Click the three-dot icon and click Settings. Click Advanced in the left column and click System. In the right window, uncheck “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.

Part 2. How to Resume an Interrupted Download in Chrome

If your Chrome downloads are interrupted, you can follow the instructions below to resume an interrupted download in Google Chrome.

You can type chrome://downloads in Chrome address bar, and press Enter to open Chrome Download Manager. Alternatively, you can also press Ctrl + J to open this page on Windows.

Next find the failed downloading and click Resume button to resume the interrupted download from where it left off in Chrome.

Bottom Line

If you meet the Google Chrome not downloading files, Chrome downloads stops, stuck or interrupted error, you can try the solutions to fix the error.


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