How to earn 1000 dollars per week?


Yes, you can earn 1000 dollars every week.

There are so many ways to get them, but the best and free method to earn is Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing:

There are two types of affiliate marketing. They are:

1.One Time Affiliate

2.Recurring Affiliate

One Time Affiliate :

After promoting the affiliate products you will get commission only one time those affiliate programs are called a one-time affiliate. Blue Host is the best example for the one-time affiliate.

The blue host will give you 5000 rupees or $100 for every sale you generate. So try to generate 10 purchases from your Bluehost affiliate link in a week then you will get a commission of 10 * $100 = $1000.

In this way you can earn more than $1000, there are so many companies that provide affiliate programs you can try them also.

Recurring Affiliate:

Recurring Affiliate means they will pay you every time for your every sale. They will give you a one-time commission and as well as a recurring commission.

By using this recurring affiliate you can earn more than $1000 every week. Click Funnels and Tube Buddy are the best examples of recurring commission.

How To Get Sales :

You can get the sales by using the affiliate links on Pinterest, Quora, Slideshare, etc. Pinterest is getting monthly visitors of more than 1 Billion, Quora is getting 550 million visitors every month and for Slideshare more than 200 million. By using these sites you can get sales from your affiliate links quickly to earn $1000 every week.

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