How much do I earn via infolinks, if I have 1000 visitors on my site per month?


I am not sure about the infolinks payout strategy. But, I am going to answer your question with a different scenario. The estimates provided below is to give you a ball park figure about the earning potential.

This revenue model might change as per the country from where majority of the readers are. Because most of the advertisers pay different amount of money for impressions from different countries.

Daily blog views – 2000 (Lets choose the maximum number)

Ad revenue:

Ads placed in each blog – 4

Total number of ad impressions – 4 x 2000 = 8000 / day

Cost per Mill (Earning for 1000 impressions) – 3$ (This may vary, I am taking an average earning)

Daily average earning – (8000/1000) x 3 = 24$ / day

Monthly income = 30 x 24 = 720$

You might be getting some clicks on these ads, the above figure also include the 1% to 2% click through rate as well. Revenue from ad clicks are negligible to none in most cases.

Affiliate Marketing Revenue:

Generally 1% of people click on your affiliate link and 10% of these users may finish with a purchase.

Daily conversion – 2000 x 1/100 = 20 affiliate clicks

Finished purchase – 20 x 10/100 = 2 purchases

Lets imagine your affiliate earning is – 10$

Your daily income from affiliate – 10 x 2 = 20$

Monthly affiliate revenue – 20 * 30 = 600$

Product Marketing Revenue:

If your blog is dealing with niche like health and fitness, cooking etc. You can always write about some products which you have actually used and how it made your life better.

There are many companies wiling to pay you a good amount of money for doing so. You can charge a fixed price or earn a monthly subscription fee as long as you keep the blog about the product active.

Lets imagine, you are earning another 1000$ for marketing multiple product with your current number of readers

Total Revenue potential / Month = 720 + 600 + 1000 = 2320$ with 2000 or more daily unique visitors.


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