How can I see my blocked texting on Truecaller?


Many mobile phones have there own pre installed call and message blocker application and if so, then go to blocked calls and messages details and restore those messages which you want to read.

And if your phone doesn’t have any pre installed call and messages blocker application and you are using “True Caller” for blocking calls and messages then, if you want to read those messages which are blocked then you need to download and install “True Messenger” application from Google Play Store and after installation of application, application will sync automatically with “True Caller” application (if True Caller is already installed) or you have to register with same mobile number or email I.D. by which you are already registered with “True Caller”.

1. Then go to blocked list and there you will find all the blocked messages.

2. Then select those messages which you want to read.

3. And long press on them and once pop-up option list open then select Restore option.

Those messages which you have been restored are automatically go into default messaging application of your mobile.

And if you don’t feel need of those messages anymore then just simply delete them.


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