Fully Upgraded ” THE PRO ” | Smashy Road: Wanted 2 | Android Gameplay


Smashy Road: Wanted 2 Full Upgraded ” THE PRO ” & showing some of the Gameplay.

You are WANTED. How long can you survive?


The Award winning game: Smashy Road: Wanted has stepped up it’s game!
We present to you: Smashy Road: Wanted 2!

You are wanted! How long can you stay on the run? Find out in this epic car chasing simulator!


  • Open world
  • Step in any vehicle you come across
  • 60 unlockable vehicles
  • 60 unlockable characters
  • 6 mystery vehicles
  • 6 mystery characters
  • Vehicle customisation
  • Upgrade your vehicles
  • Variating environments
  • Procedural generated worlds with chance to encounter secret locations
  • All vehicles have their own behaviour. Find your favourite
  • Various cool missions
  • Online Leaderboards


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