Enable or disable typing indicator in Signal


In this guide, we will show you a step-by-step process on how you can quickly disable the typing indicator in Signal and if you have the feature disabled, then how you can enable it again.

Step 1: First of all, open the Signal application on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Step 2: Now, tap on your profile icon which is present in the top-left corner.

Signal Typing Indicator 1 » Darzl
Enable or disable typing indicator in Signal » Darzl

Step 3: In the Settings menu, select the “Privacy” option.

Step 4: You will now see a toggle button for the Typing Indicator. Turn it off to disable it or turn it on to enable the feature.

Signal Typing Indicator 2 » Darzl
Enable or disable typing indicator in Signal » Darzl

Once you have turned the toggle button off, your typing indicator won’t be visible to the end-user. Also, it’s noteworthy that you won’t be able to see the typing indicator of other users.


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