Best Pedometer Apps For Android in 2020


Well, getting in shape is definitely the best thing that you can do for your body. In fact, we all want to stay in shape and implement healthy workout routines to avoid health conditions like cholesterol, insomnia, blood pressure, fatigue, etc. Taking care of your own body helps to maintain a healthier mind and increases the quality of life.

Today, we are going to share a list of best Pedometer apps for Android. With Pedometer apps, you can easily count your daily steps.

Best Pedometer Apps For Android in 2020

However, before we share with you the list of best pedometer apps, its worth noting that the pedometer reports are not 100% accurate, still, these apps can be used to track your everyday activity. So, let’s explore the list of best pedometer apps for Android in 2020.

1. Google Fit

Google Fit » Darzl
Google Fit

If you are searching for an Android app that automatically counts your steps and other activities in the background, then Google Fit might be the best pick for you. Apart from counting your steps, Google Fit also shows other details like how many calories you have burned, what is your progress, etc.

2. Step Counter Pedometer

Step Counter Pedometer » Darzl
Step Counter Pedometer

If you are searching for an easy to use pedometer app for your Android that arrives with an excellent user-interface, then you need to give Step Counter Pedometer a try. Guess what? Step Counter Pedometer uses your phone’s GPS to track the steps. The app is well-optimized to consume less battery, and it motivates users to walk. Apart from that, Step Counter Pedometer shows a detailed overview of daily steps, total steps, calories burned, etc.

3. ActivityTracker

ActivityTracker » Darzl

Searching for a pedometer app to get in better shape and maintain better health? If yes, then you need to install Activity Tracker right now. Guess what? The Activity Tracker keeps track of your steps, distance, daily active calorie burn, and active time. Apart from that, it also shows you a detailed overview of your activities on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis.

4. Zombies, Run!

Zombies Run » Darzl
Zombies, Run!

Well, it’s a fun little pedometer app that can help you to burn those extra calories. This is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure which forces users to run. There’s a zombie outbreak where you need to run for your life. If you slow down while running, you will hear the deep breath, screams of zombies.

5. Walk Tracker

Walk Tracker » Darzl
Walk Tracker

Well, Walk Tracker is a little bit different compared to all other apps listed in the article. Instead of using GPS, it uses the built-in sensor to count your steps. Since it doesn’t have GPS tracking feature, the app uses fewer battery resources. The app can track your steps, burned calories, walking distance, and time. Apart from that, it has a few other features like drink reminders, daily goals, daily performance reports, etc.

6. Pedometer

Pedometer » Darzl

Just like all other step counter apps, Pedometer also tracks your daily steps, calories burned, walking time, walking speed, etc. Not only that, but Pedometer also shows a detailed overview of your long-term walking records in a convenient graph. So, Pedometer is another best and top-rated Android step counter apps in 2019 that you can use right now.

7. Pacer

Pacer » Darzl

Just like every other pedometer apps for Android, Pacer also uses your phone’s built-in GPS to track your steps and speed. Although not accurate, it also shows how many calories you have burned. The most noticeable thing about the app is that it lets you share and compare your progress with other fitness freaks.

8. Argus

Argus » Darzl

According to the Google Play Store listing of Argus, the app depends on ‘specially-engineered ultra-low battery usage technology’ to track all your steps. It’s a full-fledged health and fitness app that can be used to count burned calories, monitor heart rate, track sleep, etc. Apart from that, Argus also offers an in-depth health chart and analysis as well.

9. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal » Darzl

With MyFitnessPal, you can not only track your daily steps, but you can also track other health-related things like calorie intake, macro trackers, nutrients tracker, water tracking, etc. The app is massively popular on the Google Play Store and its other best pedometer app that you can consider.

10. Accupedo Pedometer

Accupedo Pedometer » Darzl
Accupedo Pedometer

Well, Accupedo Pedometer is another best health and fitness app that can be used to record your daily steps. Apart from monitoring your daily steps, the app can also be used to track calories burned, distance traveled, etc. It automatically logs the health reports including steps, distance traveled, calories burned, walking time, etc. to provide you more detailed reports at the end of a week, month, or year.


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