Before and Now : Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s


How better to brush up in time than by gazing at the Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s that dominated the decade.

We looked back at the beginnings of their career and caught up with where they’re now and certainly these models, actresses and singers remained busy.

Brandy Norwood:

Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s
Before and Now : Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s » Darzl

Being from a musical family, it was not unexpected that Brandy Norwood was signed by Atlantic Records in 1993, otherwise known simply as Brandy. A year back, she debuted her self-titled album and shows us easily what she means by selling six million copies worldwide.

Brandy has since started working in the music business and has also assumed a whole variety of playing parts. The songstress has sold over 40 million albums today, won a Grammy Award, an American Music Award and 7 Billboard Music Awards.

Sarah Michelle Gellar:

Sarah Michelle Geller Vinnie Zuffante Michael Ochs Jon Kopaloff Getty Images 1 » Darzl
Before and Now : Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s » Darzl

Sarah Michelle Gellar was a role-model to the 90s teen girls around the world (and boys in that regard), kicking a serious asset as Buffy Summers on WB hit drama Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The role of an action hero was still comparatively news for the ‘90s until a female actor was seen, and Gellar knocked it out.

Erika Eleniak :

Erika Eleniak Ron Galella via Getty Images Jason LaVeris FilmMagic 1 » Darzl
Before and Now : Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s » Darzl

Erika Eleniak, from California, has two juggernauts in the 1990s, Playboy and Baywatch, to thank for her career. In 1989 Eleniak took advantage of her fame as a Playboy playmate to help her secure the role of Shauni McClain on Baywatch the same year.

In 1993, Eleniak hung up her famous red bathing suit and went on to a couple of film roles throughout the 90s. While she has starred in film projects since then, she is most excited to meet Erika with her rumored participation in a Baywatch new documentary revealed in 2019.

Carmen Electra:

Carmen Electra Robin Platzer Twin Images Getty Images Paul Archuleta Getty Images 1 » Darzl
Before and Now : Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s » Darzl

Not too many people will say they have Prince, one of the best musicians of a generation, to praise for their career. After moving to Minneapolis to meet with Prince, Electra first infiltrated our radar in 1993 and produced her self-titled debut album.

Electra’s image shifted from the rock scene to glamor modelization through all the walls in the 1990s. Electra went on to become a mainstay of the Horror Movie film genre in the early 2000s. Her last known role was a role on the TV show Alone Together in 2018

Pamela Anderson:

Pam Anderson Vinnie Zuffante Michael Ochs Archive Michael Bezjian Getty Images 1 » Darzl
Before and Now : Famous Female Celebrities of the 90s » Darzl

It appeared as if Pamela Anderson was everywhere at the time the clock ticked past midnight on January 1, 1990. After the major decade in her career, in February 1990, Anderson has named Playboy’s playmate magazine and all the potential for acting came in rapid succession.

After success for herself in the 1990s with shows like Home Improvement and, of course, Baywatch most memorable, Anderson has used all this accrued fame for good. Today Anderson is a dedicated animal rights activist who has participated in many PETA campaigns.

Today, years after her tool belt was hanging up on “Tool Time,” Dunning looks and embarks on a new undertaking. Starting in 2017, Dunning has been hosting her own program on DirectTV’s The Cowboy Channel named Debbe Dunning’s Dude Ranch Round-Up, which started airing its third season.


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